One of the easiest ways to change the entire look and feel of a living space is to feature a gorgeous oriental rug. These rugs can be used to accent and decorate a home in a variety of ways, all of which are designed to enhance the atmosphere and feel of a room. By familiarizing yourself with different ways to display a fine rug and other aesthetic considerations, you can feel empowered to dabble in your own version of interior design and make a space your own.

How Area Rugs Can Be Used to Accent and Decorate A Home

When thinking about buying a fine oriental rug, do not limit yourself in display options. These rugs can be used to accent and decorate a home in a variety of aesthetically pleasing ways, including:

In the bedroom

Many decorators choose to place a large area rug just shy of the same dimensions of the room it is in, underneath the bed. This soft and luxurious covering for the floor provides both visual interest and warmth.

In the center of a sitting area

Especially in sitting rooms with hardwood floors or tile, a rug can function as a conversation piece that features a touch of extravagance and comfort. These rugs may be surrounded or partially covered by chairs, sofas, end tables, coffee tables and more while still provide a stunning focal point for the room.

In the dining room

The dining room is where we gather with friends and family to eat and celebrate together. In a room where warm memories are created, it only makes sense to ensure the aesthetics are warm too. A fine oriental rug can be the perfect addition.

On the wall

There is no denying that fine oriental rugs are artwork in and of themselves, so why not feature them like you would a painting on your wall? Hanging rugs can add dimension and personality to a room in a classical, upscale manner.

In a foyer

A first impression can only be made once. As guests enter a home, the foyer is often the first place they step into. Create an inviting atmosphere with bold colors and designs on an oriental rug that will have your guests feeling welcomed and intrigued.

In a hallway

Of all the areas in a home, hallways can have the least amount of character, but it doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. Consider featuring a long hall runner oriental rug just a few inches shy of the hallway’s dimensions. This creates visual interest and adds color in an otherwise plain and uninteresting space.

Things to Consider When Rug Shopping for A Specific Space

Once you know exactly where you want to feature a quality oriental rug, there are a few other considerations to take into account before you begin shopping:

  • Aesthetics of a room. Note the aesthetics of the room where the rug will go. Rooms that are already busy in pattern and color may benefit from a rug with a more subdued pattern and color. Spaces that are more neutral in terms of paint and furniture colors can come alive with rugs that feature intricate patterns and bold hues.
  • Function. Determine the functionality of a rug for a given space. This may be for decorative purposes, to add a touch of luxury, to keep feet away from the cold floor, or even to muffle echoes in a room. Knowing what you want to achieve with a rug is instrumental in choosing the right one.
  • Furniture. Rugs featured on the floor of a space are often accompanied by tables, chairs, sofas, or other pieces of furniture. While this normal and common, talk to a salesperson about what types of furniture may sit on your rug and ask them if there is anything you need to do to help protect the rug from those pieces.
  • Measurements. While a fine rug is always a statement piece, the size of the rug you buy for the space you have must be proportional or it can have the opposite effect. The best place to start for the right floor placement is to measure the room’s length and width and then subtracting twenty-four to thirty-six inches from each measurement. This ensures that the rug will cover most but not all of the floor, which can create an illusion of more space.
  • Obstacles. Floor rugs and those that are hanging could encounter impediments such as air vents or electrical wires. Map these potential problem areas out ahead of time and ensure the measurements for the rug you select will not interfere.
  • Rug traffic. Evaluate the type and level of traffic a floor rug will receive before buying and be sure to share this information with the person assisting you with the purchase. Some rugs may be more durable than others, making a better fit for high traffic areas.

How A Fine Oriental Rug Shop Can Help

Regardless of if you are a first time or repeat buyer, review the above considerations before making a purchase and share with the salesperson. This can help them direct you to the best rug for your specific needs.

When purchasing a fine oriental rug, choose a reputable shop that also offers rug services such as washing, repairing, and restoration. Knowing that a store provides these services can give the buyer confidence in the knowledge and professionalism of the shop they choose.