Many people in Memorial, TX proudly display antique and vintage rugs in their homes. An antique or vintage rug can be the highlight in the room of your home. Oriental rugs are not only valuable because they are aesthetically pleasing. They can also be a symbol of excellent, hand-crafted skill. These vintage rugs are created by a weaving a series of knots together with various colors of cotton, wool, or even silk string. Many people enjoy the geometric shapes or intricate patterns in these rugs, and the rugs are typically made of very deep and rich colors.

We understand the craftsmanship and value of these rugs. That’s why we take careful steps to maintain the integrity of your rugs during our cleaning process. Oriental rug cleaning is a skill that we’ve studied to give our customers the best service possible. Many different types of allergens can settle within the fabric of Persian Rugs, and they can be difficult to remove without proper tools and knowledge.

Oriental rugs are designed to last for decades, and part of their longevity is due to the rugs being very tightly woven. It’s difficult to remove allergens or dirt from the fibers of the rug without causing possible damage. We use specific brushes and chemicals to gently remove allergens or dirt particles from your rug without being harsh on the fabric.

Our rug cleaning process begins with an inspection of the rug. We may also ask you what area of your home you typically use your rug. Knowing the location of your rug in your home can help us to determine the amount of foot-traffic for the rug and sun exposure.

We dust every rug that we’re given the opportunity to clean to remove any surface particles from the fibers. Then, we use special shampoos to cleanse any deep stains in the rug.

The dyes which are used in these rugs can also be very delicate, and we’ve chosen cleaning solutions and techniques to cleanse the fibers without causing changes in the dye.

Soaking your rug is one of our most important steps in the cleaning process. The soaking process allows stains and deep particles in the rug to breakdown and release from the fibers.

Ashly Fine Rugs is giving expert advice and performing quality Oriental rug cleanings and rug restoration in the Memorial, TX area. If it has been a while since you’ve given your Oriental rug some care, please contact us for more information about how we can serve you.

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