Today, it is very common to throw things out and replace them. After all, most things are made as inexpensively as possible to enable this or are recyclable in some fashion to encourage consumers to throw out older models and replace them with new ones. Home décor is one area where this trend has majorly impacted the quality of everything from furniture to wall décor and everything in between. Why invest in something of true quality if you’re just going to throw it out in a few years?

For those of us that are more interested in lasting beauty and true quality of workmanship, regular replacement of things like hardwood furniture and fine Oushak rugs from Turkey simply isn’t possible. So, what is the home décor collector to do when their favorite pieces begin to show their age? Restoration, of course!

Rug Restoration – What is It?

Rug restoration is more than just cleaning of old rugs. It is the careful restoration of every piece of the item, from stitching to embroidery to weaving and beyond. For many fine, collectible rugs, this means hand-restoring areas in the original, brilliant color, and taking pains to match it perfectly to the look and feel of the original piece. A top-quality rug restoration should mimic the appearance of the rug’s original glory completely, leaving little room for discerning where the repairs begin and the original carpeting ends.

Why Choose Restoration and Where to Go for It?

Not everyone likes the idea of buying new rugs for their home every few years. Perhaps you have a certain piece you love the look and feel of, or one that has become an important family heirloom. Maybe you worry that you won’t find anything comparable on American shelves, or you just don’t want to invest in international shipping or shopping trip costs every few years to look for new Oushak rugs from Turkey. Or, like most people, you just don’t like the idea of handing over more money for rugs every few years. If any of this strikes a chord with you, you may be a great candidate for rug restoration, rather than replacement.

Ashly Rugs is a provider of both sales and restoration services in the Katy, Houston, Memorial and other Texas areas. If you’re looking for top-quality rugs – or looking to have your home’s feature pieces restored to their original glory – we can do it all. Contact us today for more information, and see why bringing your favorite rug back to life makes more sense than buying a cheap knock-off every few years.

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