Why Are Persian Rugs So Expensive?

“Why Are Persian Rugs So Expensive?”  I have heard this question numerous times from novice but curious appreciative customers that walk into the showroom. This is a question that can be answered in a few sentences or can be a long conversation. I will take the middle road to answer this. First of all, the meaning of Persian rug is a rug that was woven somewhere in Iran, not all Persian rugs are expensive. Iran is a large country with hundreds of weaving centers which are located large cities or small villages, each with there own distinct styles, designs, colors, wools and weaving meathods. Most rugs that are woven in small villiages or rural areas are less costly because of cheaper labor and less ornate designs.  Generally rugs that are woven in large cities fech higher dollar amounts because these rugs normally are finer weavings and take two to three times longer to weave. Figure in the cost of living is more which makes the cost of labor much higher.  In general rugs woven in Iran take approximately nine months to a year to weave for a meadium quality 10×13 sized. What makes some rugs more expensive is how rare and how beatuiful the work of art is. In the 35 plus years of being in the rug trading industry the more unusual and rare the rug is, the more expensive the price will be. We look at rareity as a main factor, the weave and how tightly woven it is comes in 2nd or third after color and beauty. Size is always a factor when it comes to rugs, dont expect to pay the same porportion for oversized rugs. For example a 8×11 Persian Tabriz priced at $12,000  the same rug in 11×16 which is twice as big will cost over $30,000 and the next size up 13×20 will cost upwards of $70,000. Larger looms and more time invested in weaving will push prices to budgets that few are willing to spend.  Keep in mind all rug weaving countries can weave good expensive rugs and all of them also can weave crappy cheap rugs  which they actually do. When spending over $10,000 rug consumers should find a rug source that they trust and rely on their information, backed by their reputation. The experts at Ashly Fine rugs travel the world to find the best and most beautiful rugs to bring back to Houston Tx. and display them in the large showroom that houses 1000’s of these works of art. Prices start from a few thousand for Persian rugs and there are plenty of them to choose from. Ashly Fine rugs is the perfered source of rugs in Houston.


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