Holes & Tears

Our experts can reweave any type of handmade rug from Iran, Pakistan, India or Turkey, and many other places around the world. Most times dogs or the vacuum will chew up a rug or sometimes just wear and tear. Whatever the cause our experts will reweave and restore your rug. 


Fringe Replacement

We replace fringes that have been worn out or torn off by vacuums. We can either re-implant each strand of fringe or we can also sew a new replacement fringe to your rug.


fringe replacement


Binding   Serging

These are important parts of the rug and should not be neglected. Our expert repairmen will rebind the edges of your rug so it does not fray and stop the rug from major repairs. Typically we charge by the foot based on the weave of the rug. We also do machine binding for carpets and machine-made rugs.


         Pet Stains           Wine Spills

We have trained staff that knows exactly what to use to safely remove most stains. We can clear up nasty pet urines and red wine spills. We also are trained on how to color match the original way it was.


Flood Restorations  Color Run’s

We live in a city that sees unexpected floods and hurricanes quite often, there are times that your rugs might look like trash but we are able to revive them.  Rugs that have been sitting in water for days have been washed and cleared up of all color runs. We are able to fix the most unusual issues. we work with your insurance to get authorization for repairs.