Thinking of adding new rugs to your home? Whether you live in a townhouse or a large, sprawling estate home, choosing the right rugs in The Woodlands, TX will give your space a custom feel and a gorgeous, “uniquely you” look!

Here are our suggestions for finding the right rugs for you:

Look for Wide Selection

It’s hard to make a solid choice when your options are limited. Start with a reliable source for The Woodlands, TX area rugs – like ours here at Ashly Rugs – and you’ll have the best choices right at your fingertips.

Among our extensive and ever-changing selection, we offer:

We are one of the top retailers of oriental rugs in The Woodlands, TX – and the top provider of oriental rug cleaning in The Woodlands, TX as well – so if you’re searching for something a little bit exotic, we’ve got your dream rug!

Look High and Low

Just because there is an industry adoration for oriental rugs doesn’t mean that your space or your budget is right for one. You may prefer more modern area rugs – and that’s okay! Here at Ashly, we carry a variety of vintage and antique rugs, as well as contemporary area rugs to suit every taste and budget.

Consider the Possibilities!

Just as you shouldn’t limit yourself to expensive, exotic rugs, you also don’t have to limit yourself to rugs displays on the floor. Choose an area rug to hang like a tapestry, mount your favorite statement piece rug on your bedroom wall to use as a headboard or use a rug of thin, fine material as a table runner or placemat. With the very best selection of beautiful rugs in the Woodlands, TX, Ashly offers you whatever you need to let your imagination run wild. Contact us today to find out what we have in stock – and how we can help you bring your decorative dreams to life!