Turkish rugs are world-renowned for their fine craftsmanship and lasting beauty. There are thousands of people who purchase these gorgeous pieces every year directly from Turkish purveyors or from mail-order companies who provide them to international buyers. Interested in why so many people flock to Turkish weavers for their prize-winning carpets? Read on to find out why – and how to get your hands on authentic and beautiful Turkish rugs, right here in the United States from Ashly Rugs!

What is a Turkish Rug?

The term Turkish rug is often used to describe a type of carpet inspired by the looks and designs of expert rug weavers in Turkey. However, real Turkish carpets come directly from the source – and come in several varieties.

Most American consumers are looking for what is referred to in Turkey as Halı, a thick, double-knotted carpet made with several layers of weaving. These stiffer rugs are great for areas with a great deal of wear. Thinner carpets made with a single layer of weaving – sometimes reinforced with extra wrapping, embroidery and more – are best for area with lighter wear, those where the rugs won’t be exposed to the elements at any point or to be used as wall hangings or throws. However you use your rug and whichever type you choose, knowing that you’re getting the real deal is an important part of buying smart.

How to Buy Real Turkish Rugs – and Where to Shop

The most important part of investing in Turkish rugs or any authentic piece of collectible craftsmanship is to do so wisely. Choose a seller who sources their products both authentically and responsibly. Many merchants in the United States use substandard producers or do not verify the source of their products. At Ashly Rugs, we guarantee the quality of every rug we sell and restore, big or small!

Speaking of restoration, that’s something you’ll want to consider if you invest in a showpiece rug, as well. There’s no sense in paying good money for a show-stopping piece of carpet only to have it damaged beyond repair by the daily walks of life through your home. Whether it’s kids, pets or simply household accidents, rugs get damaged. Why not contact a restoration expert capable of fixing everything from stains to fire and flood damage and beyond? When you need your old carpets to look new, you need the experts at Ashly!

Ashly Rugs services the areas of Katy, Houston, Memorial, TX and more. For more information about how we can give your home the beautiful finishing touches it needs – from only the most authentic sources, worldwide – contact us today. You’ll be amazed at what a little change of scenery beneath your feet can do for your entire home!

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